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Transition from
fiat to bitcoin

If you want to learn how to plug into to the new
monetary system, benefit from it and build a
better future for you family, let’s talk.

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Economist, Investor & Consultant

I am interested in the well-being of individuals and their families.

I am putting money where my mouth is.

I invest in what I recommend; I practice what I preach; and I live
with my goal.

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Bitcoin consulting

1-on-1 online education and consultation that will teach you about bitcoin, its philosophy, how bitcoin works, how to buy it and secure it.

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Virtual Assistant

Let me help you run your business. If you need an extra hand for a project or business advice, I can be of service.

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Are you interested in building wealth that will last for generations? I write personal e-letters about finance, economics & philosophy that I send directly to your email inbox.

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